A key component to any integrated alarm system is monitoring, in case something happens.  Most systems are programmed to send notification of any event.   At Sentinel Fire & Security, our central station is now U.L. listed.  What does that mean?  For one thing, we always have a least two operators on duty to handle signals.  We have dual backup generators, and the building complies with the robust standard required to receive the Underwriters Laboratories listing.

Our Monitoring System Provides 24 Hour Service

Our two AES radio receivers and two Bosch telephone receivers

In addition to using your standard phone line to send us signals, we can back up the phone line using cellular communicators, internet connections and even our own county-wide radio system.

With more and more people converting their phone service to cable, this backup is even more important, since the cable phone modems have minimal back up power.   In many instances, after power has been out for over 12 hours is when you need your alarm system the most.

Let us know ahead of time if you plan to use cable or VOIP phone lines so we can suggest a communication system that will be compatible with your system and provide signaling even if the power is out for over 12 hours.