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Troubleshooting: Security Alarms

Are you having problems remembering how to use your alarm system? Want to know how to change user codes, how to bypass zones, or what the trouble light means? Before you call for service, check if the answer to your question is here.


Download User Manuals

Just click on the picture below that looks like your keypad and you will begin downloading a PDF user manual.


 Honeywell 6160 Keypad




Lynx L5100  Lynx Touch L5100

TUX WiFi Keypad






TUX WiFi Touchpad



   Radionic 223 keypad for 2212 panel


  Radionics 620 keypad for 6112


  Radionics 1255 Keypad for 8112


  FBI 4600SM


Radionics 420Keypda






Radionics 420 Keypad for 4112 Panel


   Older Version of Honeywell 6160